Agenda 2016-17

Sept. 14/16  Plant, Preserve and Garden Paraphernalia Auction ( Annual Fundraiser)

Oct.  12/16  Fields of Sunflowers- Dale Horeczy and Brad Daily, co-owners of Kricklewood Farms in Frankville, Ontario, planted 15 acres of sunflowers in 2012. Today they are local producers of organic cold pressed sunflower oil, which is pure, refined and additive free. Come learn how they produce the finest quality of sunflower oil using the traditional “Cold Press” process and sunflower oil’s many heart healthy benefits.

Nov.   23/16 Holiday Florals-  Joanne Plummer of Mill Street Florist returns for another exciting evening, demonstrating how to create fabulous holiday centrepieces. All arrangements will be raffled off and the net proceeds donated to the Barrhaven Food Cupboard. Note: this meeting will be held at the Barrhaven United Church, 3013 Jockvale Road on the 4th Wednesday of the month.

Dec. 14/16  Club Members’ Seasonal Party

Jan.  11/17   Growing Healthy Hostas- Hostas are a favorite perennial among gardeners. Who can resist a plant that provides such a vast range of foliage, size, shape, texture and color. Ann Frederking will talk about hosta care and how to grown these extraordinary plants to their full garden potential.

Feb. 8/17  The Horticulture and Art of Bonsai- Father Andre Boyer will speak on this  ancient Japanese art of growing  bonsai trees. Learn about its history, various styles of design and how to create your own bonsai from nursery stock, garden and other collected material and cuttings.

Mar.  8/17  Designing a Small Garden- Small spaces may be a challenge but you can make it practical and inviting.  By understanding the nature of the space, you can do more with less. Join Mary-Anne Schmidt to learn creative ways to make the most of your garden space.

Apr.  12/17    Perennial Edibles – more than just flowers and fruit – Telsing Andrews of Aster Lane Edibles will talk about the vast array of useful, perennial, edible plants from forgotten vegetables to those hiding in plain sight and how to use them in our gardens.

May 10 /17 Creative Container Gardening- Container Gardening has grown in popularity as it requires very little space and offers everything that an in-ground garden affords like color, form, fragrance and texture. Christine Libon, landscape designer will focus on types of planters/containers that can be used, planting medium and plant combinations to create long lasting creative plant arrangements from traditional to modern.

May 13/17   Plant Exchange- Annual event co-sponsored with the Ruth E. Dickinson Library. Held at the library on Saturday from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM.

June 3/17 Plant Sale- Saturday, June 3rd, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., at Larkin House, 76 Larkin Dr.  Plants, books, garden paraphernalia, baking and preserves will be sold by the Barrhaven Garden Club. Info: (613) 825-4257

June 7/17 Gardening with a Purpose – How to certify a garden as a Wildlife Friendly Habitat- Turn your garden into a sanctuary for songbirds, pollinators and wildlife.  Learn how through the Canadian Wildlife Federation certification process. Club member Monique Geishardt will explain the step by step process based on her experience when her garden was certified last year.  Can we meet the challenge of 150 gardens certified in Canada’s 150th year? 6:30pm at the Ruth E. Dickinson branch of the Library, 100 Malvern Drive.

 June  10/17   Club Members’ Summer Party

 June/July   Garden Tours and Outings