Agenda 2017-18

Sept. 13/17  Silent Plant Auction-The Barrhaven Garden Club kicks off the 2017-2018 season with a Silent Plant Auction followed by Brian Carson’s presentation ’Some Undaunted Plants You May Not Know You Needed”- Guests $5.00. Info: (613) 825-4257.

Oct.  11/17  The Gardens at Ottawa’s Central Experimental Farm- Richard Hinchcliff, author and photographer will describe how these Gardens came to be the beautiful Ottawa attraction they are today, with a look at their past and at the people who were behind the made-in-Ottawa flowering plants on display.

Nov. 22/17 Holiday Florals-  Mill Street Florist returns for another exciting evening, demonstrating how to create fabulous holiday centrepieces. All arrangements will be raffled off and the net proceeds donated to the Barrhaven Food Cupboard. Note: this meeting will be held at the Barrhaven United Church, 3013 Jockvale Road on the 4th Wednesday of the month.

Dec. 13/17  Club Members’ Seasonal Party

Jan.  10/18  Pond-less Water Features-  Benjamin Stapper of Wild Ridge Landscapes will talk on how to get the fun, excitement and beauty of water in your garden without all the challenges of a pond.

Feb.  14/18  Flowers and Vegetables: Beauty and the Eats-  Flowers not only add beauty to the vegetable garden, many of them are edible as well. Flowers attract pollinators and beneficial insects. Judith Cox, Master Gardener, will discuss different ways of adding flowers to your vegetable garden or vegetables to your flower garden.

Mar. 14/18  For the Love of Turf- Mary Anne Jackson-Hughes will explore our obsession with turf in North America and give us everything we need to know about it: soil, minerals needed for plant growth, turf maintenance, renovation, and insect pest management. She will  discuss some alternatives to turf.

Apr.  11/18  Designing with Dwarf Conifers- Enjoy year round interest without having to give up your whole garden. Dwarf conifers can be used as anchors or vertical elements in the garden or planted in clusters.  Cindy Cluett, of Beyond the House Garden Centre, will discuss the different types of conifers and the various dwarf cultivars within each species

 May 9 /18   Tick Talk. This Moment in Time- Ann Stanton-Loucks, Environmental Health Advocate for Ottawa Public Health,  will discuss how to identify ticks that may cause Lyme disease, dispel many myths about ticks, how to protect yourself and your family, and some tips on reducing ticks around your home.

June  2/18     Annual Plant Sale: Garden Club Fundraiser- Larkin House- 9:00 AM-1:00 PM

June  13/18   Club Members’ Summer Party

June/July      Garden Tours and Outings