Photo Contest 2014-15

Get out there now and start clicking away.   Members may submit up to two photos in each of these two categories.

1. Lily De-Lights: lilies of all kinds, single image or a grouping
2. From Pillar to Post: Plants that climb


Contest Rules

1. You may enter a maximum of 2 pictures in each category

2. Please provide your own images and submit them to Josephine Riopelle at any of the meetings. Images are to be the standard 4 x 6 in.

3. Deadline is the last meeting in May, 2014. This will allow time to prepare a collage of the images. This method will hasten the judging process.

4. You are to write your name and the name of the category on the back of each image you submit.

Winners will be requested to submit a digital copy.